Entrance Canopies

Entrance canopies create a courtesy transition between the safe haven of your building and the outdoors. A little dramatic? Maybe. Still true? Yes! Entrance canopies provide your businesses customers, patients entering or leavening a medical building or hospital, and residents of their apartment building with protection from the elements when visiting or leaving your facility. Whether it’s raining, sleeting, hailing, or blazing heat, this canopy will protect your patrons and residents. The key to an entrance canopy is durability, quality, and appearance. At Chicago Awning Solutions, we tackle all three of these areas by using the highest-quality materials, proven production methods, expert installation services and versatile and affordable custom design solutions.

What are the benefits of entrance canopies?

Client Experience

No matter what kind of business you run, you want your customers to have a wonderful experience when visiting your store. With an entrance canopy, you can ensure your clients are protected in any weather which greatly improves their time at your store.


The facades of most buildings are flat, faceless, and indiscernible. With a professionally designed entrance canopy, you can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your business without investing a lot of money at all!

Attract Customers

Entrance canopies aren’t just a benefit for your current customers. They’re also an effective way to attract people to your place of business when the weather turns for the worse. Even a few people every once in a while can make a difference!
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