Winter Vestibule Enclosures

Chicago winters can be extremely cold and windy.

This can make it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your restaurant, hotel lobby, or any other space in your facility where patrons are entering and leaving frequently.

By installing a winter vestibule enclosure, you can keep customers flowing back and forth while still keeping your indoor space comfortable for your customers and employees.

Our vestibule enclosures are specifically designed to keep out the cold wind that will create areas that are cold and not usable in your establishment. Winter vestibules give you the ability to utilize your businesses entire area.

Let us design, fabricate and install a winter vestibule that looks great and provides a great level of protection from the cold weather. Our vestibules are made using the highest quality materials and covering.

We also provide storage service for the months your vestibule is not needed. If you wish we will remove your vestibule in the spring store it in our indoor facility and return to re-install in early fall for the coming winter season. While your vestibule is in storage we will check it for defects or any needed repairs.

Call us, and together we will plan and deliver a fantastic winter vestibule enclosure that looks great and will give you the ability to maintain a comfortable temperature at you business to insure the comfort and enjoyment of your customers and employees for years to come.

Why Choose Chicago Awning Solutions?


We have years of experience helping businesses around the Chicago area design, install, and maintain their winter vestibules. This translates to superior design, unbeatable quality, and unrivaled longevity.


Our team can design a fully customized winter enclosure based on your specific needs, goals, and preferences. We’ll work with you closely to build a vestibule that fulfills your needs while fitting within your budget.


All our winter vestibules are designed with an eye for detail for optimized efficiency. This can drastically reduce your wintertime heating costs while keeping everyone within your business comfortable and happy.
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