Sidewalk Café Barricades

Sidewalk cafe barricades are a fantastic way to organize and spruce up the outdoor spaces of your cafe while keeping things on-brand, comfortable, and safe. Our sidewalk cafe barricades look inviting and accommodating to make sure both passersby and cafe-goers remain comfortable. They serve the functional purpose of separating the public spaces of the street and sidewalk from your cafe without being too clunky or awkward. It’s the perfect way to differentiate your cafe from the competition!

Why Choose Chicago Awning Solutions

Unique Design

Your cafe is unique which is why you shouldn’t settle for run-of-the-mill sidewalk cafe barriers. At Chicago Awning Solutions, we can provide you with completely customized designs that perfectly match the area’s vibe and atmosphere for a consistent customer experience.

Complete Installation

From the initial planning and design stages through the installation and clean-up, our team will handle the entire process for your sidewalk cafe barricades. We treat every home and business with the same respect, care, and attention to detail to ensure the best results time and time again.

Customer Service

With years of experience serving restaurants and cafes in the Chicago area, we have a proven track record of success in providing clients with unrivaled results. There’s no project that’s too large or small, intricate or simple for our team to handle. Simply tell us what kind of sidewalk cafe barricades you need, and we’ll handle the rest!
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