Pergola Systems

Pergolas are dynamic, aesthetic, and functional additions to outdoor spaces with the power to drastically increase comfort and appearance. They’re perfect in any space from backyard patios and decks to outdoor common spaces. Wherever you have an open outdoor area that could use some additional coverage, a pergola system is a fantastic option.

What are the advantages of pergola systems?


Pergola systems can create private spaces in outdoor areas without being too confining. The spaced design keeps the space open to the weather while preventing individuals nearby from having a clear view.


Chicago Awning Solutions’ pergola systems feature state-of-the-art designs with various colorways, concepts, and materials to choose from. We have the best design team to perfectly match your preferences and goals.


Everyone has different visions for their outdoor spaces, and pergola systems are a great way to bring out your dreams to life. These systems can easily accommodate various covers including canvas or linen to add extra protection and privacy.

Get the perfect pergola system!

Feel free to contact us to get a free quote for a fully customized pergola system based on your unique goals. Our team is ready to help you get started!

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