Stationary Awnings & Canopies

Stationary awnings and canopies offer protection from the elements and will be a beautiful addition to your home or business. They can be made in a multitude of configurations to fit over your windows or patio area to provide shade and a permanent cover.

Our set-and-forget awnings and canopies are designed with the highest attention to detail and built with industry-leading materials for optimized performance under the most adverce conditions Chicago and the surrounding areas has to offer.

Why choose stationary awnings or canopies?


Stationary canopies are fantastic options for businesses or homeowners on a budget. They’re considerably more cost-effective than their motorized counterparts while still delivering superb quality and durability.

Constant Shade

When consistent protection from the elements is required. A stationary awning gives you 24/7/365 protection from the elements


Our custom made stationary awnings and canopies are made using the most up to date materials and are virtually maintenance free. They are made with the finest marine grade fabrics and corrosive free structural aluminum framing and hardware
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